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We spend a tremendous amount of time at work. Facing a hostile atmosphere where you are mistreated based on your gender, sexual orientation, or experience unwelcome sexual contact, and verbal abuse makes life difficult.

Harassment In the Workplace

Employers and co-workers can be affected by sexual abuse. This can create an unfavorable environment to work in. In the state of California, sexual harassment can include:

  • Unwanted sexual contact
  • Verbal and non-verbal
  • The recreation of a hostile work environment
  • Illegal employment discrimination

People affected by this behavior encounter anxiety and depression. Harassment often goes unreported, and there are many different forms of discrimination.

What is Quid Pro Quo

An employer may expect sexual advances in exchange for a promotion or other job perks. Another example of this type of discrimination would be a decision to hire with the implication or explicit statement that there’s an expectation of sexual favors.

Sexual Discrimination at Work

When an individual is harassed based on sex, sexual orientation, and degradation. Gender stereotypes may play a role. Some incidents that are considered inappropriate are:

  • Derogatory remarks or sexual jokes
  • Indecent material such as posters
  • Physical assaults based on gender

When one has indicated that they want this behavior to stop, but these actions persist, then this becomes sexual abuse.

Adverse Actions Leading to Retaliation

When a person takes reasonable legal action against another employee or employer and experiences a negative response that affects employment, such as being demoted or terminated. If you are terminated after reporting sexual harassment in the workplace, this is unlawful termination.

If you feel that you are a victim of sexual abuse in the workplace, the first step is reporting this problem to your employer or human resources department. If the issue is not resolved, then it is time to seek legal advice. A sexual harassment attorney in San Diego will provide you with confidential guidance in this legal matter.

The Sphere of Sexual Bullying

Sexual harassment happens in many different types of social settings. Many people may not even be aware of the abuse. Both males and females can be victimized. California law defines this type of behavior as civil harassment.

Places that discrimination take place are:

  • School
  • Church
  • Gym
  • Grocery store
  • Concerts
  • Military

Getting a civil injunction can help remedy this type of contact. Nobody deserves to be victimized. Seek confidential legal advice from an attorney specializing in sexual harassment in San Diego to help you navigate the best steps to take in ending this abuse.

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