You've been sexually harassed.

You go to work to earn a living. You need your job because, without it, you can’t provide food, a place to live, and the other necessities of life for your househould.

While your wages are important, your job is more to you than just a paycheck. You’re proud to be employed, you’re proud of the work you do every day, and your peers, friends and family admire you for it. You also enjoy the relationships you’ve developed with your coworkers and customers. Because you work hard, you spend more time with the people at work than you do with your family. Under the right circumstances, your coworkers are your teammates, mentors, leaders, friends, and even romantic interests. Relationships with other employees are a source of great joy to you when they are mutual and respectful, but they become a nightmare when a coworker shows an unwelcome sexual interest in you.

Sexual harassment at work can ruin the aspects of your job that you prize. It makes your work environment uncomfortable, humiliating, threatening, hostile, and, at times, intolerable. It deprives you of your confidence and the pride you take in your job. It also interferes with your focus on your work and, as a result, your work suffers. No longer able to excel in the performance of your job duties, the harassment jeopardizes your job security and career potential. There is nothing more painful and embarrassing than to lose a job for reasons entirely beyond your control. Once the harassment strips you of your job, you must reenter the job market and potentially accept a job with much lower wages, benefits, earning potential and recognition than you enjoyed before. 

Sexual harassment by your boss can be a nightmare. You can bring harassment claims against your employer, your supervisor, and coworkers if they commit the harassment. You may be entitled to monetary compensation from a court of law if you endured harassment at your place of employment. When harassment becomes so intolerable that you are forced to resign, you may bring a constructive discharge claim to court. The harassment laws generally permit you to seek attorney fees from your employer if you prevail in the lawsuit.

You and your family are devastated. You want justice. You want to make sure the harasser never again treats anyone the way he treated you. You need a sexual harassment lawyer to fight for you.      

If this describes your circumstances, please contact us today for a free consultation with David Spivak and his team of sexual harassment attorneys. From their offices in Beverly Hills and Downtown Los Angeles, they fight for the rights of sexual harassment victims like you who have been wrongfully fired from the employment that they depended on. Sexual harassment attorney David Spivak and his associates at the Spivak Law Firm understand that victims of sexual harassment deserve monetary compensation. They can take legal action on your behalf in a court of law to get you the damages and unpaid wages you deserve for being subjected to a sexually hostile work environment. If you were sexually harassed in California, New York, or Washington D.C., you can call the sexual harassment attorneys of the Spivak Law Firm toll free. Set up your free consultation right away.

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